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Anonymous: where did you download in the flesh from? :-))

Hello, friend! :D

I usually use this great website called Primewire that has streaming links for movies and shows, and sometimes they also have a download link. For the ones that don’t have one, I use a Firefox extention called Download Helper. I hope this helped! :)

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1x01 “pilot”
Drama Queen - Alicia Florrick - I’m tired and it’s not even noon.

in the flesh meme: character [2/4]
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Photoshop: When you try your best, but you don't succeed...
#request all you want but it's not what i neeeeeed #when levels won't work and the cap's too greeeeen #you're bad at texturessssss #tears come streaming down your face #when photoshop deletes what you can't replace #when you work all day but it goes to waste #could it be worse? #curves will guide you home #and lighten your woes #and i will tryyyyyyyy to blend youuuu

Teen Wolf » Orphaned (4x06)

Lost: A Summary

Person: *gets hurt*
Kate: Sawyer has the thing
Sawyer: *southern accent* I ain't got your damn thing
Hurley: Dude
Everyone: OH NO, OTHERS!
*The End*
Best of Chris Evans at San Diego Comic Con 2014


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All for one, one for all. 

Lydia it wasn’t your fault,
                                     I   w a s   t h e r e   t o o


I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how individuals can help save the BBC3 television show In the Flesh, so I thought I would make a master list. I’ll keep this updated as I learn more and as events start and finish.

Step One: Watch the Show. Make others watch the show.
Here is a link to how to watch this show, if you haven’t. I believe the episodes are, in some form, up on YouTube as well (here is the first episode). These viewing methods do not create ratings for the show, but ensuring that more people have seen it ensures that more people become invested in the show, and subsequently in saving it. If you want to save the show, quickly getting as many people as possible invested in it through any means is crucial.

Though the episodes are not currently available on iPlayer (the BBC streaming program/site), you can check back at the pages (Series One | Series Two) to see if they have come back, and to give the pages hits. Watching through these methods would contribute to ratings, if they become available.

Step Two: Participate in Fandom-Support Events
There are several events currently in effect meant to help give attention to ITF and show that there is a fan base ready to support it. Participating to the best of your ability in these events is one of the most direct ways of helping.

  1. Event 1: Monthly #SaveInTheFlesh Social Media Sundays- This is a recurring event happening on the last Sunday of every month at 10pm UK time. (original post).
  2. Event 2: Fan Video Campaign- This is a fan-produced video comprised of clips sent in to this user by fans. Clips are of fans giving reasons why they love the show and want a series 3, and will be composed into one video to be given to TPTB. Submission period ends Aug 26th.
  3. Event 3: #SaveInTheFlesh Challenge- This is a creative-prompt challenge to produce more fan-created works. Ends Aug 1st.

Step Three: Make use of social media

Step Four: Engage in free support methods
Sign the Petition to save BBC3. Pass on the post: (x)
Sign the Petition to give ITF a series 3.
Leave a review on the BBC store ITF DVD page (no purchase necessary!). Pass on the post: (x)
Rate In the Flesh a 10/10 on IMDB. Pass on the post (x)
View the available video clips on the BBC site.
Share the ULA and Victus information pages directly from the BBC site.

Use the BBC’s appreciation comment page to send show praise and a polite request for more ITF. This is literally its intended function, and comments are stripped of personal info before being sent to the higher ups that make all those decisions about what stuff gets produced and shown.

  • Visit and comment on articles written about/featuring ITF or its fandom. Comment that you enjoy the show, you want more of it, and that you are happy they chose to feature it in the article. This encourages media sites to feature ITF, which helps spread the show. [Article 1][Article 2][Article 3] [Group of Articles on DigitalSpy]
  • Visit this interview with Dom Mitchell, creator of ITF, and leave a comment. Support further interviews (maybe for the cast?)

Add yourself/your location to the In the Flesh Fandom Map by contacting the Redeemed-from-the-earth tumblr with your location (you may remain anonymous).
Listen and contribute to the "Voices of the Redeemed" podcast.

Step Five: Purchase/View legitimate copies of the show

  • America - Amazon DVD and Instant Stream (same page | Region 1)- Only S1 is available for immediate DVD purchase. Series 2 is available for DVD purchase in October. Watch instantly option is available for both seasons. REMEMBER: If you purchase copies through Amazon, you are then able to leave a review. PLEASE DO SO.
  • UK Amazon - DVD Series 1&2 | Bluray Series 1&2. REMEMBER: If you purchase copies through Amazon, you are then able to leave a review. PLEASE DO SO.
  • iTunes instant download episodes. Series One. Series Two. You can also locate and download them from the iTunes program.
  • BBC Store DVD/Bluray and Instant Download.
  • If you are in America and use Time Warner Cable for television, you can view the episodes On-Demand. This does contribute to ratings/viewership.

Step Six: Download the Scripts
The scripts for both seasons are publicly available on the BBC website. Someone, somewhere, is watching the traffic for this page, and the number of downloads for the scripts. (Also they are a FANTASTIC read, with a lot of really cool information that you might not get just from watching (like that the treatment center was implanted into a retired slaughterhouse)).


If you have other methods or if you hear about other fandom events starting or happening, please don’t hesitate to let me know! I will happily update this post as things progress, so if you visit the original post you’ll get the most recent version of the master list.

Now, go forth and help save our show! We can do this!!

TW Meme: [3/4] Male Characters: Sheriff Stilinski

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